Third International ReproMob Conference

Third International ReproMob Conference

Between conservative onslaughts and conquests of rights: vulnerabilities, inequalities and reproductive justice.

8, 9 and 10 APRIL 2024

The third edition of this International Conference aims to bring together researchers from the ReproMob, and interuniversity and international project as well as external researchers. The aim of the conference is to reflect how neo-conservative discourses and policies on sexual and (non) reproductive rights impact on reproductive mobilities. Based on preliminary results of the ReproMob Project, the objectives of the conference are

a)       collectively reflect on how these discourses and policies impact on the reproductive and non-reproductive mobilities in different contexts generating creative ways of contestation and resistance that allow people to attain their (non-)reproductive goals including in legally restrictive contexts.

b)       discuss how these discourses and policies have the capacity to dispute the meanings of the conquests of rights and the transformations produced in the first decades of the 21st century in the legal frameworks and in the regulation of kinship and family relations. It is recognized that is not a coincidence that these discourses and policies are taking place in a context of increasing economic inequality, insecurity, the rise of extreme right-wing movements and anti-democratic values.

José Bonifacio 1339, 9th floor

Bonifacio Anex,
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Zoom platform and transmission through YouTube Channel @ICAFILOUBA