A Research Group doing interdisciplinary, inter-universitary and international research in social sciences, humanities and health sciences.

Since its creation in 2004, the group has been guided by its interdisciplinary focus, by the establishment of relationships with other national and international groups and institutions, and most importantly by its dedication to the principle that its research results should transcend academia to reach the collectives with and for whom its work is undertaken.

AFIN is made up of professionals from social, cultural and medical anthropology, sociology, education, law, medicine, psychology and social work affiliated with different national and international universities, organizations and services, both public and private.

His main areas of research and intervention are

  • Person, Gender, Sexuality
  • Body, Care, Health, Death
  • Parenthood, Reconciliation, Reproductive Work and Family Life, Childhood and Youth
  • Human Reproduction, Reproductive Processes and Adoption
  • Secret, Anonymity, Taboo
  • Memory, Babies and Children Appropriate, Missing

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